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she said
but not bit


mom Iím really ahppy
mam Iím rally happy
mum I am man reely happie
Happy over an accounts job that was way too hard because the figures had to be right meaning exact or precise. Or everything fell apart. It was a hard job but thatís wahy they call it work.
as she said over and over on the Nunhead 78 bus ride home. Her cell phone as she spoke was sparkling with jewels.
She sat across and then on my right another conversation started at the same time. I stopped reading. It was useless activity by this point.
The other one was speaking to her daughter. ďI love you and donít worry I am going to take care of it. Just copy the paper and fax it to me signed.Ē This was repeated three times. Just copy the paper, after itís signed, send it to me. I will take care of it.
The use of repeating ideas and words seems to occur more often these days in
i nregularity.

Fear is another mundane matter.

What more does anyone want.

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